Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Who really says the truth; Transformer or Conservationist?

The idea "GREEN" means different!

When Korean President(Lee M.B.) says, it means the death penalty to our Mother River; excavation, sand dredging, asphalt pavement, dam construction, etc. And he says that all construction works will benefit us all with reference to his personal accomplishment, Cheonggaecheon(riv.). When he was a mayor of Seoul city, he made it into a phantastic waterway for amusement.

We define his green as asphalt-mindful-politics! Don't be astray when he open his mouth, because he does not pay attention to what real green examples all around the world.

When we say GREEN, it always meant to protect helpless GREENs.

We say that Korean government's "Four River Restoration Plan" is a "Four River Killing Project" that cuts off natural waterways and creates a gigantic tub.

The core of the "Four River Restoration Plan" is "to increase the quantity of water retained in the Four major rivers (Han River, Nakdong River, Geum River, Yeongsan River) by dredging 570 million m3 tons of river bottom and creating 20 weirs(dams)." The plan essentially argues for enlarging and flattening river bottoms and damming up naturally flowing river systems.

Up to now dams in Korea primarily submerged upstream regions of rivers, but now the government plans to turn the entire ecosystem of the river into a massive reservoir with super dams. Such a project will turn four major rivers into a massive tub that not only will cause drinking water shortages but also destroy natural habitats for every life forms along the rivers, human or not.

Citizens are against Killing Project 2009-2012 by Lee M.B. administration.
(images with words "let the river runs as it is" by Baek & Jung from

Everyday we protest on the street, then we learn that words are to be worthwhile to pay attention when spoken with true mind. However, we should remind that even lies could be real when repeated. That's why we say to the world "Save Our Rivers".

Next SAVE RIVERS stories will soon be uploaded as "Eight Reasons that We Oppose the Four River Restoratio Plan"

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