Thursday, March 18, 2010

Green Power sweeps away Green: Tidal Power Plant

Tidal Power Plant threatens hundred thousands shorebirds and their habitats

Han-river estuary meets extensive wetlands surrounding islands, such as Ganghwa-do, Kyodong-do, etc. This area provides internationally important habitats for migratory birds on the East-Asian Australian Flyway, which are estimated around 100,000 shorebirds and at least 10 endangered species every year. It might be recommended as Ramsar Sites according to the international criteria.

However, MLTM(Ministry of Land, Transportation and Maritime Affairs), Incheon City is now propelling Tidal Flat Power Plant, a mega-construction work with 7 dams stretching from islands to islands over 20km. It would be the largest construction work on the sea since Saemangum reclamation. The construction work will damage at least 20% coastal wetlands.

This will degrade and devastate habitats and roosting places for lots of migratory birds. Blackfaced Spoonbills[Platalea minor], the population of which is about 2,300 in the world, lay eggs on the islands and feed their babies. About 10% of world population of Oyster Catcher[Haematopus ostralegus osculans] and Eastern Curlew[Numenius madagascariensis] is observed on this wetlands And other endangered species, such as Chinese Egret[Egretta eulophotes], cranes, spotted sandpiper, Spoonbilled Sandpiper[Eurynorhynchus pygmeus].

Even Lens, a French city, stopped to construct more tidal power plants after construction of 750m long dam on the sea, cause it definitely devastates marine ecosystem.