Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who becomes a marionette by S. Korea; UNEP?

UNEP has newly released a report, "OVERVIEW OF THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA'S GREEN GROWTH NATIONAL VISION", on 20 August with the pledge toward green growth in Korea. But it is too shameful that this report begins with lies from the start.

Because, according to the report, this visionary report was made with consultancy of NGOs, such as KFEM(Korea Federation for Environmental Movements) and Eco Horizon, to enhance "sustainability challenges from renewable energy and waste to transport, freshwaters and forestry", but we couldn't find a word of theirs in the report. UNEP has just imitated what South Korean government translated from the hopeful estimates of the project. Like a desperate marionette on the string!

In particular, UNEP applause Lee's construction state that South Korea's stimulus package contains "the Four Major River Restoration Project, which is one of the key components of the Five-Year Green Growth Plan with a total budget of US$13 billion". Though Mr. A. Steiner expects that this mega-construction is "to contribute to securing water resources, improving water quality, preventing floods, and enhancing regional development.", this short-term construction works will affect tremendous area of natural habitats for migratory and endemic species. And people who works along riverine basin will lose their livelihood, too. In addition, lots of future generation will take burden to pay for the irresponsible decision of CONSTRUCTION STATE, which is genuinely interpreted by professor Gavan MaCormack, an author of Client State.

That's why KFEM and other environmental NGOs are campaigning to stop Four River Project initiated by Lee M.B administration.

More details will be forwarded page by page as we review the whole text and con-text.