Thursday, March 26, 2009

Korean citizens vs. Lee M.B. government

How do you think about Lee M.B., the president of S.Korea? Is he still a "Saving Seoul" hero, who redesigned Cheonggyecheon stream*?


Lee has finally decided to construct a Gyeongin Canal, connecting the Yellow Sea and the Han River. Environmental impact assessement was finished less than 2 months over 18 kilometers long.

In the past, lots of Koreans find this newborn Cheonggyechoen stream very attractive in a mega city notwithstading its half success. After redesign lots of other streams and small rivers have suffered a surgery, got rid of original flora and fauna from the stream, and paved with banks and roads for leisure. We could say that Lee's Saving Seoul program turned out a disaster and/or a BAD environmentalism in the end.

Bad environmentalism of Lee M.B government has been criticized since its inauguration. Because he hasn't forgiven Korea Grand Canal, though he promised not to propel it against the will of people. Until now the majority of Koreans do not want canals. See the image(by Choi, Ho Cheol) on the below how people demonstrated their will against Lee's BAD POLICY and sheer DEVELOPMENTALISM.

All he promised to Koreans turned out a lie!
He just pretended to become a president of S.Korea.

With betrayed mind, people gathered together at Cheonggycheon and in front of Gyeongbok Palace** with candles of hope. Recently journalists are being investigated by prosecutors because they broadcasted candle light demonstration and mad cow disease. And one of them are arrested because of it. People concern that democracy should retreat to the status of military government 20 years ago.

*Cheonggyecheon stream was once a urban stream near Gyeongbok Palace. And Lee helped pave the stream, burying it under an elevated highway as he was a young employee at Hyundai Construction and Engineering in the 1960s. In 2006, he re-paved and buried it over artificial stream for ever when he was a mayor of Seoul city.
**In front of the Gyeongbok Palace, there has been a DRUM, which people can signal what they want to say unfairness to the King. You may see a Blue House, where president lives at the foot of the mountain below. Gyeongbok Palace is in front of it.