Monday, April 13, 2009

what you can do to save rivers in crisis

What we can do to save rivers in crisis?

Let them flow as they are. To restore its vitality as ever.

Then we humans do make ourselves be accustomed to the cycle of lives,we should not shut it down.

(photo. Dong-river, once threatened by dam construction. A symbol of successful River Conservation Campaign in S. Korea)

South Korean Rivers make affluent wetlands with diverse lives for humans as well as for nature itself.

Probably the same as yours.

Rivers curve along mountains and carry spectacles of lives to downstream.

They slow down the upstream when rainy season as they go downstream. And store rain along riverbasin in forms of marsh, pond, small streams and underground water. Upstream and downstream connect us all.

We could say rivers flow with mountains and mingle with the sea.

(photo. Nakdong-river estuary, under the threat of mega-construction projects, such as "Korea Grand Canal" and "4 River Management".)

Now... What we can do together to save rivers in crisis? Should they lose all vitality and lives in them? We can make them flow as they used do. Please follow one of our campaigns to SAVE RIVERS.
  • Read real stories of S. Korea's RIVERS; Han-river, Geum-river, Yeongsan-river, and Nakdong-river.
  • Be aware of S. Korean government's green-disguise; Lee administration favors bulldozer-conglomerates but pretends to appear greener as in the article "Das grĂ¼ne Herz von Seoul" in die tageszeitung. Let us know ASAP what it says in your mass media.
  • Send us PETITION letter of support that we can deliver to the President's office. Or you may send e-mails of your voice. (President's office:
  • Send us Videoclips of support that we can edit and upload for S. Korean media. Or upload it directly on the Youtube and link it at this blog so that I can identify.
  • If you need real and objective information of S. Korean rivers, just send me e-mail.
  • If you have a blog, please follow this campaign so that your countries should not immitate green-disguised economic package (or Green New Deal) of S. Korea.