Friday, July 24, 2009

Petition is going on to stop MEGA-construction

KFEM has opened on ThePetitionSite, calling people's action on the web to stop "Four River Restoration Project" in S.Korea.

You could read a commercial rhetoric from Lee's administration on the web. But you should be caustious not to be deeply attracted by the CGs and spcious words, words, words...
We know that the project could be real as the other commercials on TVs. Yes, it could be, if all data and information are correct.

So... please, read between lines when you meet a read-out from Korean government. Or you should ask them before you read to the end.

Korean governments, including the minister from ME(Minister of Environment), insist that they are going to upgrade water supply & river ecosystem. However, they don't know how to UP!

It's irreputable that correct and honest Diagnosis should be given at all costs before such a big construction works begin. But we don't believe that all EIA(Environmental Impact Assessment) could be finished in a couple of months for such a mega-construction. And all construction works will be finished within 4 years!

Without your petition, all major rivers and adjacent lands in S.Korea will turn into construction sites for 4 years. Do you really want to see such a disaster? If not, click here to sign for a petition to stop it.

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