Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nothing natural on MBnomics!

The president of S.Korea has announced during his election campaign that the economy would flourish if the Korea Grand Canal project launched. To make this idea popular among Koreans, his campaign used "MBnomics"* as one of his slogans.
And finally, the construction of Gyeongin Canal** has started in succession of its waterway excavation. It will be twice wider and deeper when finished.

Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA)?
Who cares?

It would be disasters for the ecosystem and wildlife, communities, as well as the economy itself. At best, it could only contribute to the construction and estate partners. But current economic crisis has come out of estate bubbles all around us, and it won't be disappear without pertinent treatment to restore its stability.

Nothing natural can be seen on MBnomics, even on the web!

If you visit the website of Korean President, you can easily see how Lee M.B. administration and his ruling party, Grand National Party, are obsessed by constructions and corporates[Jaebeul]. All BLOGs of the Office of the President have no contents from "ecosystem based ideas", "conservation of wetlands & the other natural resources", "environment for humans and the wildlife".

To see presidential blogs in Korean, click one of these: naver blog, daum blog and yahoo blog.
See more news related to CANAL stories in English on the media, click here.
If you are interested in Natural Aspects of Han River Estuary, visit here for downloadable report on Han River Estuary.
You could identify more wetlands of international importance in S.Korea, too.

MBnomics*: made from "MB(Lee Myong Bak)" and "economics" to emphasize Lee's economic career from construction CEO.
Gyeongin Canal**: sometimes called as "Kyeongin Canal", "Seoul-Incheon Canal", or "Han River Canal"

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