Friday, March 20, 2009

Should Han River be connected to the Yellow Sea?

"Should Han River be connected to the Yellow Sea? Through Canal?"

Han River runs through Seoul and many other provinces and meets the Yellow Sea at the estuary. Every year this intertidal mudflat welcomes the endangered wildlife and migratory species; spoonbill, swan goose, cranes, shorebirds, ducks, and so on.

If Han River Canal, which is going to cut into the river and connect to the Yellow Sea, should constructed in 80 meters wide, 6 meters deep, 18 kilometer long, it will degrade all habitats for wildlife. Swan Goose(above photo) will lost its feeding ground and won't come back to Russia.
(Han River Canal is called Gyeongin Canal by the government, because it covers Seoul, Incheon and Gimpo.)

Day after day, Lee M.B. government insists the necessity of CANAL(like the above photo, but will be twice the size!) for cheaper transportation and transboundary trade to China and Japan. These days the president and ministers emphasize that this canal project will lead GREEN GROWTH. But they want to budget most of the money into estate development like they did the same in the past.

But rivers are alive and will be like they ran, if we try to stop this reckless & remorseless project of Lee M.B. government. When the Han River Canal complete, the Nakdong River(above photo) will be transformed into the canal. It's not a imaginary story.

If you agree and support our campaign, do try to make videoclip to express your opinions.
Or just forward this page to yours and friends of the river worldwide.

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