Monday, February 9, 2009

REAL stories of RIVER management in KOREA_intro

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S.Korea is going to DREDGE and DEVELOP 4 big rivers in Korea under the title of "Reviving 4 Rivers" project, as Korean Grand Canal has been cornered with the objection of citizens.

Such an annoucement has been repeated several times by Lee M.B.(president) and his people to launch countrywide construction work in- and along-the river.

  • Kyeongbu Canal Project
  • Korea Grand Canal Project
  • 4 River Management Project
  • Connecting Waterway and Riverbasin Management in 4 Rivers Project
  • Reviving 4 Rivers
  • Reviving 4 Rivers and Riverbasin Management Project
Policies of Lee M.B. government and the ruling party are so called conservative ones, but this time they went too far away to revive natural condition of rivers. They even decorated these projects with "GREEN New Deal".

However one thing is clear, Koreans have already poured into millions and billions dollars to water management in 4 big rivers. And 97% of rivers have already got physical treatment to control flood, pollution and watershortage.

Lee M.B. has designated every positon in the cabinet with ONE VOICE of PRO-DEVELOPMENTALIST, and they say in formal- and informal places all canals and/or construction irregardless of their ministry.

No other president has showed his career so prominetly as he. Aa CEO from construction Jaebul*. other social problems, such as labor, human right, health, education, etc.

This is S.KOREA TODAY and I will let you know more KOREAN TRUTH with river management plans, paper stories, episodes, and the like.

You won't be disappointed!
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*Jaebul: a kind of plutocracy; group of big corporations which consists of family, relatives, enterprenuer, and monopolists

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